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Dear P177 School Community,Photo of assistant perincipal

It’s been an honor and a privilege for me to spend the past 36 years at P177Q as a teacher and an administrator. Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work and interact with an immense number of students and their family’s, staff members, as well as a plethora of support individuals/agencies that make up this incredible organization which is called The Robin Sue Ward School for Exceptional Children.

Throughout the years, I’ve been able to witness many changes, adjustments and modifications that have made our school Organization a leader and innovator, not just in District 75, but also within the Department of Education in its entirety. On a personal level, I continuously strive to grow as a school leader. My long career at P177Q  has only served to energize and motivate me further to help provide an enriching and stimulating learning experience for each and every one of our students. Moving forward, this is something that I will continue to do. My most important job is to ensure that your child is in a safe, secure and challenging learning environment for the duration of their educational careers at P. 177Q.  


Wayne Lipman

Assistant Principal






Dear Parents,Photo of assistant principal


P177Q mission and vision of “We Do Care,” is the moral compass that guides all decisions at our school. We provide a “Platform of Possibilities” for our students through specially designed programs that promote academic, vocational, social, emotional and behavioral progress for our varied student learners. Students are provided with a wide array of learning experiences to develop: Coping skills, Social skills, Self-management, Care, Compassion, Empathy and Kindness. 


We utilize the Positive Behavior Intervention Supports Framework to create a positive and nurturing school environment. All students have opportunities throughout the day to earn panther points or tokens for demonstrating social, emotional and behavioral progress in the following areas:  


 A- Achievement


 E- Engagement



Our collaborative and caring school community consistently recognizes students’ efforts with special class privileges, student of the month assembly awards and weekly students’ “club hour” across all sites. 


We look forward to seeing you at one of our student celebrations and to engaging in one on one conversations with you.




Michelle Clarke-Dickerson

Assistant Principal






Dear 177Q Students and Families,Photo of assistant principal

As an Assistant Principal of P177Q, I am privileged to have been a part of this wonderful school community for the past 24 years, beginning my career as a teacher and currently as an Assistant Principal. Our school's mission statement, "W.E. D.O. C.A.R.E.," reflects our commitment to creating a nurturing and inclusive environment for all of our children.

Here at our school, we foster an atmosphere that encourages student independence, communication, and the development of essential life skills. We take pride in celebrating the strengths and differences of each student, embracing the diversity that makes our 177Q family so unique and special.

Communication with parents is a cornerstone of our approach. We value your insights and contributions to your child's education. Your trust in us to guide and support your child's journey is sincerely appreciated.

I look forward to a year filled with growth, learning, and shared achievements. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of our students.

Thank you for being part of our school family.


Zevelyn Manolatos 

Assistant Principal 






Dear P177 Family,Photo of Assistant Principal


At P177, we firmly believe that education goes far beyond the classrooms. This is guided by our school vision; “We envision an equitable school community where all students are prepared with the skills to be confident in making informed decisions, communicating, and advocating for themselves, in order to achieve their post-secondary goals”.


Our goal is to empower each student to reach their full potential, embracing their unique strengths and abilities. We understand the importance of tailored support and personalized learning experiences, which enable our students to develop essential skills, foster independence, and gain confidence.


P177 provides a wide range of programs and services designed to meet the diverse needs of our students, incorporating vocational and postsecondary opportunities.  Our team of dedicated educators, support staff and related service providers are committed to creating individualized education plans that cater to the specific requirements of each student. 


Open and transparent communication is vital for the success of our students. At P177 we encourage open lines of dialogue amongst our parents, instructional staff and administration. We are here to listen, support, and address any concerns you might have. Together, we can foster a strong partnership that nurtures your child's educational journey.


At P177, we firmly believe that every student has the potential to succeed, and with the right support, the possibilities are endless.



Trina Casselli

Assistant Principal







Photo Of assistant principalDear P177 School Community,

We are committed to creating an environment that not only facilitates academic growth but also nurtures the development of essential life skills. Your ongoing support is invaluable as we work collaboratively to provide a well-rounded and enriching educational experience for our students. As an assistant principal of P177, it is my pleasure to share the details of a few of the programs that shape the educational journey for our students. 

In each of our K-5 classes, we are dedicated to implementing a research-based literacy curriculum.  HMH Into Reading has been carefully chosen for its evidence-based scope and sequence. This curriculum comprehensively addresses all aspects of early literacy, aiming to cultivate fluent and automatic readers. Our goal is to equip our students with the skills needed for effective communication and engagement. Fundations employs a multi-sensory approach, specifically designed to teach foundational reading and spelling skills, including phonics, high-frequency words, fluency, and handwriting. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded and engaging learning experience, catering to diverse learning styles.

For our 6:1:1 classes, we have implemented a specialized program known as Structured Teaching. This program is characterized by three key components aimed at optimizing the learning environment. Our classrooms are highly organized, minimizing distractions and featuring clearly defined areas to create an optimal setting for focused learning. In the Structured Teaching program, each student is provided with their own object, picture, or word schedule. This personalized approach supports smooth transitions between activities and helps them prepare for the sequence of the day's activities. Additionally, students actively engage in workstations, fostering independence in both academic and functional task completion.

Thank you for being an integral part of our learning community.


Meghan Brosnan

P177 Assistant Principal