P177Q Celebrates Panther Pride Week

The APE department scheduled a busy week. The week began with Twin Day; students and staff showed off their coordination by dressing alike with a friend! They also rolled a strike and had a ball while bowling. On Tuesday, Field Day, everyone enjoyed a day of outdoor games and friendly competition.  Classes dressed with their P177Q swag blue T-shirts provided by the school. On Wednesday, students got ready for some sandy fun and beach-themed activities followed by a beach volleyball tournament. Throwback Thursday, the Panthers traveled back in time with nostalgic outfits from different decades. They danced to the groove of music from different eras. To wrap up the week everyone wore patriotic attire, USA Day was celebrated with red, white, and blue with a Field Day party filled with music, blows, and cotton candy. These festive celebrations and camaraderie is what makes P177Q unique. 
P177q Panthers celebrate Panther Pride Week