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School Safety Committee

The School Safety Committee brings together all members of the school community, including administrators, staff, students, parents, the NYPD, community leaders and community agencies. Together we engage in meaningful and ongoing dialogue and collaboration to ensure that our school is safe. The committee is responsible for addressing safety matters on an ongoing basis and making appropriate recommendations to the principal when it identifies the need for additional security measures, interventions, trainings etc.
The Committee is responsible for developing a yearly comprehensive safety plan which defines the normal operations of the site, as well as procedures that are in place in the event of an emergency. There are regularly scheduled monthly meetings, as well as one annual meeting which is open to all parents and stakeholders in the school.

Upcoming School Safety Meeting Dates (Tentative)


Friday September 23, 2022


Friday October 23, 2022


Tuesday November 22, 2022


Tuesday December 20, 2022 (Townhall meeting, open to all stakeholders)


Friday January 20, 2023


Wednesday February 15, 2023


Friday March 24, 2023


Wednesday April 19, 2023


Friday May 19, 2023


Thursday June 15, 2023

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