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School Leadership Team 2022-2023

The School Leadership Team is a collaborative team of parents, teachers, staff and the principal. It is comprised of an equal number of parents and staff members. The mandated members are the principal, PTA president and UFT chapter leader. The school staff and parent members are elected by their respective constituents. Our team also includes two student members, the school’s president and vice president. The SLT is responsible for determining the school’s annual goals and to develop the school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan for the year. The School Leadership Team helps ensure that all voices are heard, and that students and parents are included in important decisions that affect learning in our school.

Upcoming SLT Meeting Dates 2022-2023


Friday September 16, 2022


Friday October 14, 2022


Friday November 18, 2022


Friday December 9, 2022


Friday January 13, 2023


Friday February 10, 2023


Friday March 16, 2023


Thursday April 20, 2023


Friday May 12, 2023


Friday June 16, 2023

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