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177Q Curriculum

Our Curriculum Team has been working hard to develop cohesive instructional support for our students. Together we can collaborate to create a better support system for one another.  Together we can utilize a more multi-tiered approach for reaching our students' diverse academic needs. 


January & February curriculum will focus on Diversity.  Click on the curriculum image to the right or click here to check out this month's curriculum.
WIX Jan:Feb Curriculum.png
WIX Diversity Flyer.png

177Q will have a school-wide culminating Diversity Celebration on Friday, February 28th.   Click on the Diversity Celebration flyer to the left or click here to see the details.



WIX Mar:Apr Curriculum.png

March & April curriculum will focus on Growth.  Click on the curriculum image to the right or click here to check out next month's curriculum.


Curriculum Resources

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