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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Process: Inquiry

Gather and analyze data to monitor effects of actions and decisions on goal attainment and enable mid-course adjustments as needed to better enable success

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Website Data III.png
Website Data I.png

Website:  Supported research and development of a new accessible website.  Researched different website platforms to conform with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to meet the diverse needs of our community, including image to text.  OneDrive documents and resources converted to be more accessible, more equitable, and current with 21st Century demands.  


Website data is reviewed and adjustments are made to improve website usage, accessibility, and student-directed information sharing.

Website: Through the use of a better website platform, faculty, students, and parents have better access to resources.  Improvement in information sharing, communication, and distribution of resources support a culture of technology.  Supports parent requests for better information sharing, new methods for effectively communicating and using technology to provide more resources to stakeholders.

By improving the resources available on the school website, visitor traffic has doubled since Spring 2020, accessibility has improved from a score of 3 to 5, and student-directed news streaming has a daily average of 42 more viewers. 

177Q The Bright Side.png
177Q The GOOD Stuff Dates.png
177Q The Bright Side Dates.png

Parent Communication: After receiving feedback from the PTA, the administrative team created The Bright Side: 177Q's Parent Council.  The goal was to create an open discussion forum for being transparent, sharing new updates, and developing a positive dialogue with parents.   Additionally, parents are encouraged to fill out a form prior to joining the meeting to submit any questions or needs, such as translation needs.

After participating in several Bright Side meetings and receiving feedback from her students' families, our 295 coordinator decided to host her own, site-specific parent engagement meetings. 295 parents expressed a need for having their own site meetings in order to increase the level of community. The unit coordinator enlisted the support of several parents and distributed an interest survey (Parent Share Out) to families.

Staff Communication:

Staff communication since Spring 2021 has been essential.  The GOOD Stuff was developed in response to staff needs to keep up morale and to keep the dialogue open between staff and administrators.  Monthly chats occur to improve discussion and transparency for all stakeholders.

Parent Communication:  Fall 2020/Spring 2021 data shows ten Bright Side meetings have been held from September through April, hosting up to 100 guests, ranging from parents, students, teachers, paraprofessionals, and related service providers.  The extended cabinet proactively prepares specific resources or answers to questions based on requests submitted by guests prior to attending.  The PTA and the Parent Coordinator assist in facilitating.

Through the 295 'Parent Share Out' survey, parents expressed that they would like a forum where they can engage with other 177@295 families as well as share information with each other. Every month, a different parent will co-host the meeting with our unit coordinator or a 295 staff member. Additionally, our PTA and Transition Team Leader will participate. 

Staff Communication: Fall 2020/Spring 2021 data shows The GOOD Stuff has been hosted monthly to promote an open forum for identifying needs and interests while highlighting the positive school culture and transparent communication with all staff at 177Q.  


177Q Branding.png

PTA/Parent Coordinator: Spring 2020 school branding

and developing a culture around the school identity was identified as essential.  SLT and PTA provide collaborative opportunities for students, teachers, parents, and administrators to work together to discuss and analyze ongoing issues in the educational environment and school community.  Opportunities are created to develop corrective action plans, implement, re-evaluate, and make adjustments to support student success.  Buy-in from multiple stakeholder groups is supported. Work in conjunction with Parent Coordinator and Transition Coordinator.

PTA/Parent Coordinator:  School branding has been a large focus this year to continue to create a strong unified identity across stakeholders.  In conjunction with the SLT and PTA, 177Q has ordered School Spirit Gear, including t-shirts for all students with the school logo and vision, bags with the school logo, banners, carpets, pens,  lanyards, and stress balls.  


177Q School Spirit Graph.png


Attitudes, knowledge, behaviors and beliefs that characterize the school environment and are shared by its stakeholders.

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Grants:  Application for grants and access to resources in the community include Reso-A Grants, Library Grants, YAi, BEAT, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Grants: Projects funded include Reso-A grants for windows, dividing classrooms, the Vital Library Grant to expand the library, performing arts, music, and art.  Students benefit from the opportunities to participate and receive the resources provided by these programs to increase their learning.

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177Q Forms I.png
177Q Forms II.png
177Q Forms III.png

Website: The 177Q Website includes resources necessary to create accessible resources.  Through the use of the various pages, stakeholders have the ability to acquire information or share their information to create an online school culture.  Online requests reduce unnecessary paperwork, increases efficiency, and monitors resources. 


The 177Q Website includes teacher resources, parent resources, online forms, and important updates. Forms and Requests include Tech Support, Tech Checkout, Office Supplies, Health Supplies, Hygiene Supplies, Custodial Requests, Energency Contact, and Events Planning.

Website: Our new website has provided a more diverse lens to the needs, interests, and resources within our school community.  Interest surveys have given us access to valuable staff/student information, assisted in planning professional development, creating school-wide activities, and coordinating events for our students and parents. 


Teachers are accessing and sharing resources on the Teacher Page.  Parents are accessing events and workshops on our Parent Page.  Students are providing and receiving the News and Announcements online to their peers via video streaming as a collaboration with the Speech Department.

177Q Halloween WalkThrough.png
177Q Halloween WalkThrough.png
177Q Valentine Social.png
177Q Halloween WalkThrough.png
177Q Walk 4 Hope.png
177Q Valentine Social.png
177Q Black History.png

Student Council: Empowers the Student Council to advocate for student leadership and influence in the educational decisions throughout 177Q.  Student Council meets once a month and discusses the needs of the school and community.  Student Council identified the need to continue to offer activities and socially distanced events to support students through the ongoing challenges this year. 

Student Council:  Students were encouraged to create student-centered experiences including a Virtual Halloween Walk-Through Event, Walk for Hope, Virtual Valentine's Social, and Respect for All Spirit Week .  Students lead their peers and encourage a student-centered lens for learning.  Students are encouraged to explore their own interests and include them in school-wide opportunities and decisions.

177Q Parent Coordinator.png
177Q Parent Update.png
177Q Newsletter.png

Parent Coordinator, PTA, Transition Workshops: Promotes a culture of information and resource sharing.  Parent Coordinator coordinates with the PTA and Transition Coordinator to organize parent workshops to support the interests and needs of the parents and students within the District 75 community.​

Staff Newsletter & The GOOD Stuff:

The P177Q and The GOOD Stuff are provided throughout the month to support ongoing transparency and updates.  All stakeholders are encouraged to share, advocate, and participate in the diverse needs of the school and community.





PTA/Parent Coordinator/Transition Workshops

Implemented a more rigorous approach to support parents by supporting the Parent Coordinator through multiple access points including sending out a monthly newsletter/calendar and creating a Parent Coordinator page on the  school website to provide current workshop information  and updates to the parents.

Staff Newsletter & The GOOD Stuff: A Chat With Duff to promote a weekly opportunity for staff to sit and chat about the positive experiences and “stuff” happening at 177Q.  Opens up honest dialogue between members of the school community and promotes a positive school culture.


A focus on continuance and meaning beyond the present moment, contextualizing today’s successes and improvements as the legacy of the future

Parent Coordinator:  After reviewing the Family survey and and sharing the information at The Bright Side Town Hall, the need for a Parent Coordinator was evident.  A new Parent Coordinator was hired in Fall 2020.  Implemented a more rigorous approach to support parents by supporting the Parent Coordinator through multiple access points including sending out a monthly newsletter/calendar and creating a Parent Coordinator page on the  school website to provide current workshop information  and updates to the parents.

Additionally, necessary supports for families and students were identified.  The Parent Coordinator was enlisted to help identify the need for additional Tech Support, pick-up and drop-off of materials, and sending home printed materials for asynchronous instruction.

Parent Coordinator:  Hiring a Parent Coordinator provided the opportunity to better connect and develop a relationship with parents.  Parents with language needs advocated for a bilingual Parent Coordinator, as well more translated documents.  Additioanlly, the supports and information provided and improved overall communication with parents and satisfaction with addressing their concerns.

By identifying the additional supports needed, students and parents were better able to participate in instruction, receive tech assistance and find successful strategies during remote learning.



177Q Parent Coordinator.png
177Q Respect For All.png

Parent Interest Survey:  Implements assessment and transition systems to support family members.  Surveys of stakeholders sent home annually to assess parent interests, transition needs and concerns.  

Student Council: Empowers the Student Council to model student leadership and develop opportunities for members of the 177Q community, including students, staff, and families to influence the community as model citizens.   Student Council facilitates opportunities based on community needs that encourages positive relationships between members of the 177Q community as they work together to support the local community.  

Parent Interest Survey:  The Parent Coordinator works with local and district programs to support parents interests and needs through workshops and meetings, such as Front Door, P177Q Parent Support Group, and Project Grown-Up.

Student Council: Student Council supports programs like Hoops 4 Hearts, Pennies for Peace, City Harvest & Letters for Troops, encouraging their peers to be model citizens and contribute to the community. Students also participated in a Diversity Celebration, Respect For All, and Black History Month to support awareness for respect for all. 

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