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Domain 5

Integrity, Fairness, Ethics



A focus on continuance and meaning beyond the present moment, contextualizing today’s successes and improvements as the legacy of the future

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Advancing Student’s Learning

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P177Q mission statement, “We Do Care,” is the moral compass that guides our daily practice of ensuring academic and social skills development for all students. In addition to core academic content, we pride ourselves in the rich SEL curriculum, which promotes the development of social and emotional skill competencies. In addition to core academic content, students are provided with explicit instruction in social and emotional skill competencies The video-modeling and SEL lesson library of ReThink Ed are utilized to advance students’ learning and understanding of the school-wide behavior expectations. 


“PBIS is Equity in Education!” Subsequently, to meet the needs of all students and to ensure access of all resources to the 177Q School community,  the PBIS Portal was launched in the Fall 2021.. The PBIS portal is a resource hub of all materials needed to advance and monitor students’ social, emotional and behavioral growth. Additionally, members of the PBIS/SEL team have completed the Strong Resilience Urban Assembly Training Module. Team members have embraced the strength-based approach to supporting and helping students’ develop in the areas of social skill competencies. The impact of the six essential components of the PBIS framework at 177Q has led to an increase in SANDI SEL Scores. Team members have embraced the strength-based approach to supporting and helping students’ develop in the areas of social skill competencies. The impact of the six essential components of the PBIS framework at 177Q has led to an increase in SANDI SEL Scores.

Recently, a group of 20 students from 177Q visited the Winter Garden Theatre to enjoy Meredith Willson’s “The Music Man”. Our student council Vice President had the opportunity to meet Hugh Jackman before the show! 


Mr. Duffy and some teachers were invited to the Special Olympics Coach / Volunteer Recognition Event at Bowlero in Melville.  In October 2022, 177Q’s Special Olympics team participated in the  Fall State Games in Glens Falls, NY. The team celebrated this event with a Pep-Rally send-off prior to departing from 177 for the weekend away.

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Professional Learning

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Planning for the 2022-2023 School year began in the Summer of 2022. Members of the PBIS team collaborated with District 75 PBIS Director to plan the “PBIS Bite Size PD” workshop series. 

Subsequently, members of our PBIS/SEL team facilitate brief and targeted training to ensure all members of our school community are supported with a Multi-Tiered system of support for ensuring a system of accountability for every students’ academic and social success. For the 2022- 2023 school year, the PBIS/SEL team expanded the resources for promoting positive behaviors to include the “Bite-Size PD Series.” The information is then shared with parents on the third Thursday of every month. 

Staff, students, and parents receive on-going training to ensure a common understanding of the research - based practices that lead to students’ academic and social success. Procedures and protocols for managing students’ behaviors are also clearly written in the staff handbook  

Impact of the “PBIS Bite Size PD Series” include:

  • Common language of behavioral expectations

  • Common visuals across all classrooms to support understanding of expectations

  • Students are reinforced for displaying positive behaviors

In the Spring 2022, The 177Q PBIS/SEL Team was invited to share best practices and systems for promoting social and emotional wellness for all stakeholders at the Urban Assembly National Conference.

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Interviews &

Hiring Process 

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Peer Recruiter Training 

Three of the hiring committee members participated in the 2022 Peer Recruiters for D75. Within this program our staff members attended PD’s on Inclusive Hiring and  best practices, which were brought to all members of the P177Q Hiring committee. 

Hiring Process

  • Paraprofessionals - The process for hiring paraprofessionals includes a two- step interview protocol. Substitute Paraprofessionals with satisfactory performance evaluations and the required Level 1 Certificate, are invited to participate in the Level 2 Interview. At this Level, members of the Lead Para Committee interview candidates and make recommendations for the Level 1 interview with the school principal.

  • Teachers - A hiring committee composed of teachers and administrators review resumes and invite the strongest candidates for interviews. P177’s interview process for teachers consists of three levels. The Level One interview, consisting of eight team-designed questions, is used to identify the highest qualified applicants who are then invited for a Level 2 demo lesson. The demo lesson is a 20-minute content-based lesson where committee members use the Danielson Framework to evaluate the applicant’s instructional practices. Applicants who meet the hiring committee’s high levels of expectations are then invited for a Level 3 interview with Principal Duffy. After successful completion of a Level 3 interview, the most highly qualified applicants are offered a position at 177Q.

  • Assistant Principals - The C30 Interview process is utilized when interviewing assistant principal candidates. This year, 177Q had two openings for assistant principals. After a full C30/interview process of multiple steps and SLT confirmation, the 2 interim acting Assistant Principals were appointed to continually support our school improvement efforts and to meet our Vision and Mission standards.  


Internal Interviews

  • Unit Coordinator -  P177 teachers who were interested in a new role as the Unit coordinator of P177@295 were invited to interview for the position. Applicants had the opportunity to share their vision for the site. P177@295’ own speech therapist was found to be the most qualified for the position.  

  • Cluster Teachers - 177Q teachers who are interested in a cluster teaching position for the upcoming school year are invited to interview for the position. Applicants are invited to share their vision for the cluster program and any innovative ideas they have. By interviewing for these positions, the most qualified teachers are placed into these teaching roles. 

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Ethical Financial


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School Budget Transparency is essential for stakeholder trust. Budget meetings are held monthly to establish protocols and financial integrity. 

SLT and UFT are informed and consulted on budget based decisions on a monthly basis through their team based meetings. 

Budget presentations are routinely given to the families and school staff to show what is purchased and for what need. Galaxy, FAMIS and graphs are used to show all stakeholders what is being done. 

Internal control protocols are always followed with the procurement, treasury and budget office. Budget, GSF and payroll approval is done with two/three steps of approval for transparency and accountability.

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Stakeholder Input:

Vision & Mission

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Students, families, and staff members completed both online and paper surveys to provide input regarding updating P177’s Vision and Mission statement.  Families were invited to join a virtual meeting on November 2nd at 7:30 PM to share their thoughts and ideas.  The survey included a section for members of the school community to share words and phrases to be included as we look to updating our school’s statements.  A trend found within the surveys was including the word “equity” as part of  the  “WE DO CARE”.

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Staff Handbook

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The P177 handbook serves as a reference tool for all staff regarding protocols and procedures across  all sites. 

The staff handbook Introduces employees to our culture, mission and values, communicates to employees what is expected of them, and helps ensure key school policies are clearly and consistently communicated.   

In addition, the paraprofessionals are provided with a Paraprofessional Handbook, detailing the roles and responsibilities of  the Paraprofessional in the classroom and how they can support students during instruction, in related services and in the community..  Our Lead Paraprofessionals who are available to support and address any questions and concerns created the Paraprofessional handbook. 

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Attitudes, knowledge, behaviors and beliefs that characterize the school environment and are shared by its stakeholders.

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Social Emotional and Cognitive Development

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For the 2022-2023 school year, members of the PBIS/SEL team continue to prioritize and promote students’ social and emotional wellness. Students are held to high expectations around their behavior in school. A Multi-Tiered System of Supports are utilized to support students’ social and cognitive development.


Increasing and expanding opportunities to support our students in developing social skills and emotional resilience include:

  •  -The daily Mindfulness exercise 

  •  - Students’ Mindfulness Club

  •  - In-Person Club Options- 

  •    Percussion Club; Chess Club; Girls’ Club; DJ Skills Club

  • - Sensory Integration

“Rethink SEL Lessons”

  • Continuous collaboration among the counselors; deans and team members for students with behavior support paras.

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Students' Positive Behavior

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A Multi-Tiered System of Supports is utilized to promote students’ positive behaviors and to decrease inappropriate behaviors. Tier 1 Level of supports are proactive and prioritizes preventing inappropriate behaviors. Members of the PBIS team facilitate school-wide student assemblies to explain the school-wide expected behaviors for all students. Students learn that displaying the 5 school-wide expected behaviors leads to positive reinforcements. All students are expected to display the following: Communicate; Achieve; Respect; Engage and Self-Control (C.A.R.E.S). Teachers, parents and students are provided with lessons and videos to support the teaching and learning of the school-wide expected behaviors. Students’ efforts and successes are recognized and celebrated with the earning of Panther Points or tokens.  Classroom reinforcers are designed to provide immediate reinforcement. However, students also have opportunities to earn weekly tangible and activity reinforcers. The Leaders’ Center is the reinforcement center, where students exchange Panther Points or tokens for preferred items. P177Q promotes opportunities for students to engage in positive interactions with peers and adults. Subsequently, Virtual and In-Person Clubs provide students with activity reinforcements. Club Hour occurs every Friday and students select from a varied menu of club options. 

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