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Attitudes, knowledge, behaviors and beliefs that characterize the school environment and are shared by its stakeholders.

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Instructional Inquiry Cycles:

Common Planning Teams

Common Planning Teams

Nine common planning teams, which consist of forty one teachers from 177's Main Site, 177@295, and 177@Martin Van Buren, are participating in instructional inquiry cycles aligned to instructional focus, CEP goals and focus priority. Common planning teams will be conducting two Instructional Inquiry Cycles this school year. Inquiry Cycles will be aligned with 177's Instructional Priority of "Know Every Student Well," to our Instructional Focus, and to our CEP goals. 

The ILT developed an extensive training and support system for common planning teams and their classroom staff which places an emphasis on team collaboration throughout the inquiry cycle. Common planning teams participate in team meetings to conduct their inquiry and will receive peer support from the ILT through informal Q&A sessions.


ILT team members and administration also provide direct support to teacher teams during their scheduled meeting times. Administrators have been assigned to support specific teams. In order to maintain continuity, common planning team assignments are aligned to each AP's supervisory duties. 


Currently, teacher teams are in the initial stages of the inquiry cycle, identifying priority areas and designing their research question.This is the first of two inquiry cycles that will be conducted by common planning teams this school year. 

Upon completion of the inquiry cycles, presentations from the data team will be shared with the school-wide community in order to facilitate collaboration and the sharing of best practices. 

Common planning teams also reviewed previous Inquiry cycle findings and identified strategies that can be incorporated into their instructional practices.

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Instructional Inquiry Cycles:

Data Team

177Q's Data Team is comprised of seven teachers from three sites. Data team members meet with administration monthly to discuss student needs and trends. Currently, the Data Team is engaging in an inquiry cycle centered on the communicative needs of 177Q students from elementary school through young adulthood. Their inquiry work is aligned to 177Q's CEP goals. 

Upon completion of the inquiry cycles, presentations from the data team will be shared with the school-wide community in order to facilitate collaboration and the sharing of best practices. 

Data Team Email
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Transition and College & Career Readiness (CCR)

The Transition Team Leader (TTL) works closely with our secondary and 21+ students and their families. Of the twenty-three 21+ students who were enrolled in September 2021, seven students have moved onto programs or have been discharged. These students have received placements in QCP Day Hab, Halo Day Hab, and the  Molloy Opportunity For Successful Transition Program (M.O.S.T.) ay Molloy College. 

As agencies begin scheduling in-person tours, our TTL will continue supporting families as they visit post-secondary sites. 

Thirty-two of our thirty-four June 2022 graduates currently have OPWDD eligibility. The remaining two students are working with the TTL in navigating the eligibility process. Additionally, one graduating student has secured a seat in AABR Day Hab and another is in the process of securing supportive/competitive employment. 

Upcoming events facilitated by our TTL include a weekly evening transition support group and targeted workshops.

The TTL participates in IEP meetings for all students age 15 and over. By participating in the IEP meetings of all students age 15 and older, our TTL provides support and resources to families. This relationship will continue throughout the transition process. By getting to know students and their families, the TTL is able to better support students and families as they explore post-secondary options. Through the work of the Equity Team, students ages 18 and over are taking a more active role in their IEP meetings and transition planning process. 

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parent workshop
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Worksites & Vocational Programs 

Our CCR Team and TTL’s outreach to local business has resulted in the reinstatement of following worksite programs: 

  • Qdoba

  • Michael & Sons Pizzaria

  • CVS (188 Street)

  • CVS (46 Ave)

  • Red Mango

  • 5 Guys Burgers 


Additionally, the CCR team has secured a new worksite at the following locations:

  • Ramen Jin (Main Site)

As a result of limited community-based worksite opportunities due to COVID concerns and policies, the demand for in-school worksites has increased. Our Job Developer, teachers and students have identified innovative ways to engage in worksite  experiences through classroom-based activities and programs. These activities have been designed by teachers with feedback from the ILT and administration.

In-House Worksites (Main Site)

  • Culinary

  • School IDs

  • McSwirlies

  • Clothing Closet

  • Carol's market 

  • Library Program

  • Happy face mask company

  • PPE Distribution

  • Fun Fridays Delivery Service

  • Cafeteria Recycling 

  • Cafeteria Assistance 

  • Peck Park clean up

  • Shredding service 

  • Recycling program

  • (coming soon) Printing Service

  •  Leader Center 

  • Student Newspaper 

  • Technology assistance 

  • Horticulture 

  • Copy Center

  • Health Supply Distribution 

  • Supply Closet Maintenance & Distribution

  • Book Room Maintenance 

  • Scholastic News & Curriculum Delivery  

  • School Events Assistance  

  • (coming soon) Post Office 


In-House Worksites (177@Martin Van Buren)

  • iPad Cart

  • Squeaky Clean Speech

  • Hygiene supply delivery 

  • School supply distribution

  • Snack Shop

  • Library & Gym supply maintenance 

  • Breakfast Delivery

  • Cafeteria clean up

  • (coming soon) Copy Center 

  • Recycling 

  • (coming soon) Holiday Gift Wrapping

  • (coming soon) Key Food


In-House Worksites (177@295)

  • PPE Distribution

  • Classroom Supplies Distribution 

  • Copy Center 

  • Mobile library cart (coming soon)

  • Student leader center (coming soon)

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Fun Fridays Delivery Service
Cafeteria Work
Carol's Corner Market
Worksite Outreach
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Peer Support Systems

To further professional expertise and practices, 177Q staff take an active role in providing peer support to their colleagues. Structures for peer assistance and support include the following: 


  • Coffee Klatch

  • Curriculum Committee Q&A Sessions 

  • Classroom Intervisitations 

  • New Teacher Team Meetings

  • Mentoring Schedule

  • Lab Classroom 

  • Instructional coach support 

  • Lead Paraprofessionals

Drop In Curriculum Support
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Teacher Leader Support
Instrutional Program

Instructional Program

Design and delivery of high quality curriculum that produces clear evidence of learning

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177Q School-wide Curriculum


Instructional Resources


P177Q's school-wide curriculum is a teacher-developed thematic and inclusive curriculum that incorporates varied levels of access and participation. The 177Q curriculum is a collaborative and dynamic document that has been designed by the Curriculum Committee with input from the ILT and other stakeholders. It is a learner-centered, inclusive curriculum that integrates higher level thinking via problem-solving, exploration, and varied resources.

The curriculum committee is comprised on teachers from a variety of homeroom ratios and grade bands, cluster teachers, and from various 177Q sites. The committee works closely with the administration and ILT.

The Curriculum Team creates thematic guides that includes relevant topics that are meaningful to students and staff. Materials and activities connect to grade-level targets in the Essential Elements and set a standard for rigorous instruction. Tasks are scaffolded to assist teachers with having their students learn at appropriate levels. The curriculum guides help keep learning continuous and cohesive throughout the entire 177Q community. As a result, there is more carry-over of skills from one class to the next. 

The team regularly reviews curricular programs, conducts school-wide needs assessments and feedback surveys, and participates in professional development. The 177Q curriculum incorporates our 2021-22 ILF Instructional Priority of "Knowing Every Student Well" as well as our school-wide Instructional Focus. Various levels of access to engage all learners have been incorporated throughout the curricular themes, including inclusive resources and texts, essential questions, and bi-monthly themes.

Drop-In curriculum Q&A Sessions have been used to provide staff with small group and individualized support.

​The school’s vision as it pertains to curriculum is “curriculum is written by the teachers, for the teachers.” Cluster teachers collaborate with homeroom teachers to create thematic projects and assist with Culminating Activities.

At P177@295, classes follow the curriculum of the main site.  Evidence of understanding looks differently for our younger population.  Teachers incorporate pictures with words, hands on activities, and student specific prompts to differentiate learning styles. An ILT member from the 177@295 supports curriculum and instruction at the site. This teacher provides instructional support and also serves as our younger students' voice within our curriculum.


At P177@495 (MVB), classes are participating in the 177Q curriculum with an emphasis on the ADL and transition sections. Instruction at our MVB  site focuses on student participation in worksites, promoting independence of young adults, life skills, and embedding academic instruction where applicable.

Surveys are used throughout the school year to gather experiential and reflective feedback from various stakeholders, including teachers, paraprofessionals, and students. Additionally parent feedback about the curriculum has been sought during monthly Bright Side parent meetings. A member of the ILT has participated in this meeting, discussed the curriculum, and listened to parent feedback. Information gathered from surveys are utilized in the growth and development of our instructional programs. 

  • The Curriculum Reflection survey, which was sent to all 177Q teachers, had a voluntary response rate of over 75%. This level of participation was significantly higher than previous surveys whose response rates were 60% or lower. Feedback from this survey was influential in developing the 2021-22 Curriculum. 

  • In the spring of 2021, members of the Curriculum Committee met with members of the student council to discuss the students' instructional experiences. Student feedback was used in the development of the 2021-22 Curriculum Guide. 

As a result of feedback gathered during the Curriculum and Instructional Focus Surveys, as well as a review of school-wide priorities, the following updates were made to the curriculum in the summer and fall of 2021:

  • Transition curriculum was modified to provide more functional and real-world applications.

  • A paraprofessional guide was created to increase paraprofessional engagement and empowerment. 

  • New instructional programs and resources have been embedded into our curriculum while previous resource selections have been expanded. Programs include Attainment's Adapted Classics, Attainment’s Look At Everyday Math, Attainment’s Smart Choices For A Digital Age, and SMiLE.

  • Increased selection of adapted texts and high interest reading materials are shared through the SORA digital library and the curriculum guide's book list. 

  • Activities of Daily Living are suggested for each academic area and theme.

  • Content areas have been expanded to include the following:

    • ELA: Non-fiction themed text suggestions and culturally responsive texts from the New York State suggested text list

    • Math: 'Community Connections' to provide functional, real-world applications.

    • Science: Sustainability themes to focus on environmental issues over the course of the school year

    • Social Studies: Multi-cultural connections to provide diverse and inclusive content.

In the winter of 2021/2022, members of the Curriculum Committee will be meeting with members of the student council to discuss the students' experiences with the school-wide curriculum. Student feedback will be used in the development of future Curriculum Guides and Culminating Activities. 

Each bi-monthly unit concludes with an end-of-unit school-wide culminating activity across all sites and programs. Classes submit their work electronically so that it can be shared across all sites. The ILT has created a virtual activity space where all members of the 177Q community can view and celebrate culminating activities over the course of the school year. 

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Culminating activity Presentations
Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 9.10.05 PM.png
Culminating Activity: November 2021
Curriculum Spotlight (main site)
Curriculum Coffee Klatch
Curriculum Survey Results
Paraprofessional Resource Guide
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In the fall of 2021, the Data Team explored student needs across our sites. Through the review of various data sources, knowledge of our CEP goals as well as school and district priorities, and in conversation with stakeholders, the team identified the priority area of “Communication” across all sites. Currently, the team is participating in an inquiry cycles as it relates to communication and the unique challenges faced across each site.   

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Instructional Leadership & Curriculum Teams 

The ILT consists of the full multi-departmental team as well as an ILT implementation committee. The ILT meets to discuss instruction, programs, alignment to CEP goals, and student achievement. The ILT has been instrumental in developing 177Q’s Focus Statement and in guiding the inquiry teams.

Chancellor's Priorities
ILT Agenda
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Interactive Activity Choice Boards

Activity boards are aligned to 177Q's school-wide curriculum and special events/holidays (e.g. Election Day, Hispanic Heritage, and Autumn.).


Teachers are provided with differentiated and engaging resources to support their instruction. 

Resources are shared with families to strengthen the home-school connection and provide continuity of instruction across multiple settings. Parent engagement is encouraged.


The activity boards are comprised of culturally responsive and inclusive digital resources that provide diverse learners with a range of access points and engagement modalities.   

Choice Boards
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Teacher Observations & Feedback Schedule 

By working closely with specific teachers, teachers and administrators form a supportive professional relationship. Administration develops a better understanding of a teacher's instructional style as well as their students' learning needs. As a result of this, the administration is better able to identify teachers in need of support as well as teachers who can serve as a peer supporter. 

All members of the administration observe a designated list in-person and remote teachers. Teachers are matched to an administrator for their observations based on their tenure status, teaching assignment, and professional period. All non-tenured teachers are observed by the principal.

The administration discusses areas of celebration and areas in need of focus identified during observations at every cabinet meeting. Highly effective and ineffective ratings are discussed with the principal to ensure administrative calibration and to identify teachers who can provide peer support and those in need of additional support.

Based on observation feedback data in Advance, our current area of celebration is component 2a. This highlights our school’s Core Value of “Welcome” as well as our dedication to the social-emotional well-being of all 177Q members. Our area of focus is component 3b. This area aligns to our Data Team’s inquiry focus of communication and to our upcoming instructional rounds focus area of questioning and discussion strategies.

Observation Timeline
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Vocational Assessments & Curriculum 

Career interest surveys and Level 1 Vocational assessments are used by homeroom teacher and our transition team to identify student strengths and interests. 

The More to Explore section of 177's school-wide curriculum provides connections between our monthly themes and life and career skills. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 3.49.56 PM.png
Interest Survey
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ULS & Freckle 

After a year-long pilot of the Freckle Program, 177Q reviewed participating teacher feedback and purchased over 30 program licenses. Additionally, 177 purchased over 30 ULS licenses. Homeroom teachers were given the option to choose the program which best met their class' needs. 

Program data are collected regularly through benchmark assessments and performance tasks. Additionally, teachers will participate in quarterly data reviews, aligning with our school's marking periods.  Trends and findings will be shared with supervising administrators to identify school-wide celebrations and needs. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 4.42.23 PM.png
Freckle OA

Capacity Building

Developing potential and tapping existing internal expertise to promote learning and improve practice

Capacity buiding
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Teacher Leadership


  • Lead Teacher

  • Teacher Teams

Teacher Leader: Through the Lab Classroom Initiative, the Teacher Leader coaches peers by modeling and facilitating reflection of instructional strategies.  They foster collaborative relationships with colleagues and administration, while serving as the school community’s “lead-learner.”  The Teacher Leader has worked to establish trust in the community, making colleagues feel comfortable with sharing their classrooms and engaging in professional conversations.

The Teacher Leader sent out a Support Survey to remind teachers of how they can receive individualized assistance.  This survey offered options for 1:1 meetings, cohort meetings, and inter-visitation opportunities.  Lunch and Learn opportunities are offered monthly and focus on relevant topics such as rostering students in digital curriculum programs, administering curriculum-based assessments, and adapting instructional material.  Through these initiatives, 22 staff members across all sites have been impacted this school year.


The Teacher Leader also facilitates the planning and implementation of the curriculum, and leads the curriculum team. As a result, our school shares a common language and theme across all sites and programs. Team members offer peer support on a daily basis and staff members are receptive to their feedback.


Teacher Teams: Teacher teams are a vital part of instructional planning and analysis. Teacher teams are designated as professional periods which are chosen by staff based on their interests or are a voluntary part of a teacher’s extended responsibilities. The Curriculum Team develops our school-wide curriculum through input from all stakeholders while supporting  teachers through small-group and one on one sessions. The CEP team meets throughout the school year to set and review our school’s annual goals. Action plans are developed in the fall and evaluated quarterly. The Data team engages in school-wide data analysis and inquiry, while common planning teams participate in inquiry cycles and instructional planning.

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Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 11.11.48 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 11.15.31 PM.png
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Staff in New Roles

177Q has a proud history of promoting the professional growth and leadership capacity of its members. This year, the following leadership roles have been granted to 177Q staff members. 

  • Technology coordinator to main site unit coordinator

  • Dean to 177@MVB unit coordinator 

  • Homeroom teacher to multi-site dean

  • Parent coordinator to pupil Secretary 

  • Substitute teacher to full time homeroom teacher 

  • Paraprofessional to homeroom teacher

  • Paraprofessional to APE teacher  

  • School aide as payroll secretary


177Q has also supported the professional growth of school staff and other D75 employees as follows:

  • SERS site supervisors consist of unit coordinators, a speech therapist and a homeroom teacher

  • A teacher from 224Q has taken on the role of acting AP 

Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 11.22.02 PM.png
Acting AP Intro
SERS Site Supervision
Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 11.31.08 PM.png
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Interdisciplinary Teams:

Instructional Leadership Team

Positive Behavior Intervention Support 

Equity Team

Attendance Committee

Interdisciplinary teams and committees are composed of various stakeholders from the 177Q community, providing various perspectives for integral decision-making. Committees include:

  • Instructional Leadership Team: The ILT, composed of diverse stakeholders including an administrator, teachers, therapists, and paraprofessionals, develops plans to support instruction and student achievement. Currently the ILT is supporting teachers as they conduct instructional inquiry cycles and is developing a paraprofessional PD program in collaboration with the Lead Paraprofessionals.

  • Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS): An administrator, counselors, paraprofessionals and teachers from all sites develop and assess strategies to support student behavior and well-being throughout the school year.

  • Equity Team: The Equity team is comprised of diverse stakeholders and implements strategies and programs to promote equity throughout our school community.

  • Attendance Committee: This committee is composed of an attendance teacher, parent coordinator, counselors, teachers, paraprofessionals and an administrator. The team meets regularly to review attendance trends and provide parent training and support, as needed.

Parent Training
ILT - represented tdepartments
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Paraprofessional Leadership:

Lead Paraprofessionals 

Deans & Bussing Support 

Arts Support 

Para to Teacher program

Paraprofessional leadership and growth  is encouraged through various platforms. 


  • Lead Paraprofessionals: Lead paras provide professional development and support to their cohort members throughout the year. .

  • Dean and Bussing Support: A paraprofessional works closely with our deans to provide behavior support to students. Additionally, this paraprofessional is our school's bussing manager and is responsible for the logistics and safety protocol implementation during arrival and dismissal. 

  • Arts Support: A paraprofessional with a musical background works closely with our arts department in providing music instruction to our students.

  • Paraprofessional to teacher program: Four paraprofessionals were recommended for and applied to the DOE's para to teacher program. They are currently awaiting acceptance into the program. 

Paraprofessional Music Schedule
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SEL Team

The Social and Emotional Learning Team consists of school counselors and members of the Positive Behavior Intervention Support team. The priority focus of the SEL team is to create opportunities for students to develop social and emotional skill competencies. Strategies that are currently utilized includes SEL lessons and videos aligned to teaching students the 5 school wide expected behaviors: Communicate; Achieve, Respect, Engaged and Self-Control. Our weekly activity reinforcement schedule consists of 7 Virtual Clubs that provide students with opportunities to engage in social interaction with peers and adults.

Classes have created and implemented their own SEL routines through routines, special program, and activities as well. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 4.27.04 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 11.31.42 PM.png
CARES Matrix
ReThink Ed Pacing Calendar
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SERS Implementation Program

The SERS implementation team is new to the 2021-22 school year. This team, composed of an administrator, special education coordinator unit coordinators, a teacher, a speech therapist and a dean, has developed and implemented our school-wide academic recovery program based upon priority grouping levels according to SESIS reports.

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 12.04.34 AM.png
SERS roster - sample
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Hiring Committees

Stakeholders take an active role in the hiring process for all roles and responsibilities at 177Q. The hiring process at 177Q is a multi-level interview system that includes administration and staff who are directly involved or demonstrate expertise with the position being offered. 

  • Teacher hiring committee: The new teacher hiring process consists of a phone screening by a unit coordinator, followed by a committee interview. Applicants who excel in the interview are invited back for a 20 minute demo lesson and reflection session. Finally, the top candidates are invited to return for a mini-interview with the school’s administration. The committee uses a live folder to review records, share notes, and identify potential candidates.

  • Related services hiring committee: Related service supervisors, a member of the school administration, and therapists are part of the interview process. In addition to interviewing, speech therapists conduct a demo therapy session. 

  • Paraprofessional hiring: The process for hiring paraprofessionals is a team approach with a set of pre-requisite requirements that candidates must meet before interviewing with the panel. Members of the para hiring committee include an administrator and paraprofessionals. 

  • Clerical and other hiring: Administration and at least one experienced staff member interview for clerical and other positions. This year, we have interviewed for the following positions: payroll secretary, pupil secretary, school aide and parent coordinator. 


There is also an interview process for all cluster positions. All teachers are invited to apply and interview for a cluster position which is granted to the most qualified applicant. This ensures that our students receive the highest caliber of instruction in the arts, sciences, and other cluster areas. 

Paraprofessional Interviews
Teacher Hiring Committee Folder / Files
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Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 12.17.30 AM.png
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Student Leadership:

Student council

Student Newspaper 

Student News

Student council members represent the entire student body through their voice. They plan special events, influence school-wide initiatives, and provide feedback to the curriculum committee regarding their instructional experiences. The student council president is an active participant at SLT meetings and often makes recommendations for the betterment of her peers. Recently the student council participated in the City Harvest food drive, held elections, and assisted in the identification of our school’s core values.


The Panther Gazette student newspaper is a monthly publication that is written and developed by students under the supervision and with the support of staff. This publication is distributed digitally and includes content that is relevant to our student body and highlights events and activities across all sites.

Students also demonstrate leadership through the student run News Report where they share school news and announcements, student interest stories, and school updates.

Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 9.33.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 9.32.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 8.43.45 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 8.47.15 AM.png
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Related Services Team Leads

A lead therapist from each department participates in monthly Related Service Department meetings with key stakeholders. Issues are discussed, ideas are shared, and the related service leads then turnkey the information to members within their respective departments.

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 8.33.21 AM.png
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Professional Development

Professional development is encouraged and provided throughout the school year. All PD attendance is maintained on a calendar. Staff who attend PD outside of the 177Q organization provide administration with information about the training through a PD feedback form and are invited to turnkey information to staff. Surveys are also shared with staff, providing them with the opportunity to express and identify their PD needs and interests. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 8.54.06 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 9.00.59 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 8.56.25 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 8.58.05 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 9.03.21 AM.png
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Parent Engagement & Leadership

P177Q parents have an active role in advocating for our school at the district and community levels to secure monetary resources and program supports. Parents participate in our community as members of the PTA and SLT. Opportunities for parent engagement have included volunteering at our Halloween Trunk or Treat and participating with other parents and staff in our monthly book club.

PTA Book Club
Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 8.41.15 AM.png


A focus on continuance and meaning beyond the present moment, contextualizing today’s successes and improvements as the legacy of the future

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Lead Teacher Action Plan

The Teacher Leader is continuously working to improve teacher learning and professional practice to increase student achievement. The Teacher Leader ensures that teachers have access to training and support that is needed to design and facilitate rigorous, culturally responsive, and equitable learning opportunities for all students. The Collaborative Action Plan was written by the Teacher Leader in partnership with Administration.

Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 11.11.48 PM.png
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Parent Communication & Engagement 

The 177Q Community strives to ensure all parents

feel welcome, supported and understood. The

Parents’ Engagement Committee consists of 2

teachers; PTA members, one administrator and the

Parent Coordinator. Based on the results of the Fall

2021 Parents Survey, 2 initiatives launched for this

school year includes: Parents’ Captains and the

Parents’ Monthly Book Club. Additionally, based on

the survey results, all parents’ meetings and activities will be held in the late afternoon or early evening.

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 8.18.11 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 8.20.37 AM.png
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Professional Development Resource Page 

Peer facilitated professional developments are recorded and shared, providing staff with on-demand access to all resources via the "PD Resource Page" on our school's website. Topics for these trainings are staff-driven.

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SERS Program Data

Data collected regarding student progress towards meeting IEP goals during the SERS program are shared with homeroom teachers via a live document. Curriculum utilized in the SERS program is aligned to the school-wide curriculum and instructional programs. 

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Parent Teacher Conference Platform

A virtual parent-teacher platform was designed to provide all parents with easy access to Fall 2021 conferences. Additionally, live access to administration, therapists, translation services, and cluster teachers was provided through this platform. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 5.14.12 PM.png

Strategic Planning

Monitoring & inquiry: The implementation and stewardship of goals, decisions and actions

Stratgic Planning
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Articulation Committee: LRE 

In the fall of 2021, five students were placed in LRE settings within our school's organization. 

To date, the Articulation Committee has identified eleven students who are being reviewed for a least restrictive program setting by September 2022. 

The articulation committee works closely with school staff, students, and families to identify students for LRE placement, implement necessary supports, and provide an effective transition for the student. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 3.26.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 3.26.09 PM.png
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Curriculum: Culminating Activities

At the end of every bimonthly curriculum unit, the school community shares and celebrates the hard work of students. These showcases have become something all students and staff look forward to. A virtual platform is used to highlight student work across all sites. A QR code that links to the virtual showcase is prominently displayed on the Curriculum Spotlight bulletin board across all sites. This allows staff and students quick access to the Culminating Activities. Programs such as FlipGrid, Padlet, Google Slides, and Jamboard are utilized by many classes when presenting their work.

Curriculum Spotlight (main site)
Culminating activity Presentations
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Adaptation and Expansion of the Freckle and ULS Programs

In an effort to streamline data collection and increase our use of a shared language, the ILT decided to expand our use of the Unique (ULS) and Freckle programs across all sites. Teachers were given the opportunity to review both programs and choose the one which was a best fit for their class. All staff received training on Election Day and were given time to explore the programs with their classes. Members of the ILT attended training from the program vendors and turnk-eyed information with staff as well. 

Monthly professional learning opportunities which focus on a relevant topic from these programs are facilitated by our Lead Teacher and all staff are given the opportunity to participate. 

Data benchmarks and checkpoints are embedded into our instructional plan. Staff will be given time to evaluate their students’ success and needs within their respective programs.

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 5.26.10 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 5.27.41 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 9.03.21 AM.png
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Early Literacy: SMILE

Three early elementary classes at 177@295 are using the SMILE program to target Early Literacy skills, as per the Chancellor’s Priorities. Teachers and paraprofessionals met with a 177Q Coordinator who has experience with the program to familiarize themselves, ask questions, and share strategies. Each teacher received a full-day one-on-one training from a D75 coach as well.

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CEP Progress Monitoring

The CEP teams meets quarterly to evaluate progress towards meeting our CEP goals. The Panther Plan highlights school-wide practices that are currently being expanded in order to meet our goals as well as identifying new initiatives that align.

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 5.36.43 PM.png
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Curriculum Team

The 177Q curriculum committee provides several opportunities over the course of the school year for staff and students to provide feedback and suggestions about the instructional program and materials.  

The curriculum committee meets regularly to assess and reflect on student activities and feedback. Time has been allocated in the team member’s schedules for curriculum work and to support teachers.

Curriculum Committee
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Homeroom and enrichment schedules are created in collaboration with administration, teachers, and the UFT. All teachers participate in a professional assignment such as common planning, PBIS, curriculum development, and the data team.


All students receive a full year of arts instruction. Students also receive APE, technology, careers, and health classes. 


Common planning teacher teams were designed to support teachers who work with similar populations and ages of students and are supported by the school’s administration through regular consultation and collaboration. 


Recently, the ADL classroom at the main site was reopened. Through this program, students learn valuable skills such as cooking, personal care, and vocational skills.

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