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Domain 1

Shared Vision of Learning

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Attitudes, knowledge, behaviors and beliefs that characterize the school environment and are shared by its stakeholders.

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Shared Communication to all Stakeholders

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The 177Q community continues to highlight its vision and mission through school-wide events and programs. 


In March 2022, student council members created a presentation about our school’s mission statement, WE DO CARE, and how it pertains to their experiences as students at 177Q. In addition to sharing this presentation with our school community, members of the student council enthusiastically presented this information to NYC DOE School’s Chancellor Banks during his visit to 177Q on March 17, 2022. 


The Grand Opening of 177Q’s library was a testament to our school’s dedication to providing our students with opportunities, equity, and access. Through the grants and programs who made the upgrade possible, as well as through the dedication of our librarian and administration, 177Q students and staff have access to culturally responsive and relevant resources, opportunities for worksite training, and a new comfortable and safe space to learn.


The students of the 177Q school community celebrated Panther Pride during Spirit Week.  The 177Q Pep Rally included a performance by the dance team and the band along with cheering on our very own basketball team. Spirit Week included a gallery walk for our Black History Month celebration. Students researched and presented their work on the individuals that have left an impact.  To build community among the 177Q sites, student videos were uploaded and shared for all classrooms to learn and enjoy.  


177Q’s Parent Coordinator has set up Twitter and Instagram accounts for 177Q as a tool to further share information to our families and staff. Social Media posts include information about upcoming programs and photographs from school-wide events and special programs. In addition to social media, 177Q uses LinkTree as a platform by which to link all their social media, websites, virtual offices, and presentations onto one interface. This allows for increased accessibility for families and staff. Additionally, the LinkTree QR code is used on school materials such as event programs and guest passes to further increase access to school information. 

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The 177Q school community celebrates Panther Pride and embodies our mission of We Do Care each and every moment of the day. The 177Q school vision and mission are purposely shared and communicated with stakeholders starting with the initial introduction of hiring, parent/student orientation and to all current school members at the beginning opening meetings and first parent meeting in the fall. The vision and mission are visually and verbally shared with students in their classes. 177Q Student Council reiterates this practice in all meetings and in their community service practices.


177Q school leaders regularly assess and refine the Panther Vision and Mission of “We Do Care” to align with the District and NYCDOE vision of promoting equity and excellence across all areas of the school. Leaders also intentionally think with a CRSE lens in all decision and instructional processes. 


Technology systems and 177Q School Website serves are a tool to spread our school vision. We pride ourselves on communicating to stakeholders by using internet based systems as much as possible. Through parent, staff and student immersion, delivery of technology to all families and consistent trainings for our families and staff,  we live in our Mission Statement by Empowering our school community and Welcoming them to a digital age.

Priorities & Goals Bulletin Board
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Chancellor's Priorities @ 177
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Alignment to NYCDOE and District 75 Priorities

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The Panther Plan aligned the vision and mission of 177Q to NYC DOE and District 75 Priorities. All members of 177Q are familiar with the priorities outlined in this document and incorporate their core values into their daily practices. Students are familiar with these priorities as well, most notably through the personal connections they make to our WE DO CARE statement.

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These statements were created through student-led research of the District 75 Mission and Vision statements, the Chancellor's Priorities and through the survey of 177Q stakeholders. Participants who assisted in the development of these statements included diverse student leaders from multiple class ratios and teachers from multiple departments Student council members incorporated Diversity and Opportunities to the original WE CARE mission statement, resulting in the updated statement of WE DO CARE. 


Though the needs of our school have evolved during the pandemic, the vision and mission statements of our school continue to be relevant and meaningful to our school, are aligned to the District 75 priorities, and are evident throughout all that we do. 


The instructional goals outlined in the CEP are vision/mission/core value and budgetarily aligned to ensure student success. CEP goals are routinely monitored by the SLT and data team members.

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Panther Plan 2021-22
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Using the School Leadership Team to share and communicate a shared vision

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SLT allows for ongoing communication among 177Q stakeholders to share information on projects being completed,  upcoming events, and student progress towards meeting CEP goals by June 2022.  

  • The RESO-A grant for the delivery and installation of  the smartboards at our Martin Van Buren site has been successfully completed.

  • In person graduation will take place on June 7th in our school’s auditorium.  

  • CEP data collected thus far indicates a 4% increase in math on the SANDI for elementary and middle school students with the goal being 5% by June.

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The SLT meets on a monthly basis to share information and discuss relevant issues to our school community. Various school leaders and stakeholders have presented to the SLT. Topics have included:

  • Assess Vision and Mission

  • Create school wide goals, instructional focus, Core Values

  • Curriculum and Instruction: CEP goals and progress monitoring, school-wide curriculum, lead teacher role, programming

  • Safety of students

  • Special programs: PBIS

  • School construction and Reso-A projects 


Our Student Council president and vice president are active participants who often advocate for student interests.

The SLT is provided with regular updates on school-wide progress towards our CEP Goals. Team members are encouraged to ask questions, provide feedback, and make decisions regarding school improvement. 

SLT Meeting Dates
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Administrative & Extended Cabinets 

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Cabinet allows for the sharing of ideas in an effort to improve outcomes for students and staff. Some highlights from recent cabinet meetings include:

  • Analysis of observation feedback data led to the development and implementation of Spring 2022 Instructional Rounds.  Priority areas were identified and administrative teams developed a program and schedule to support teachers through non-evaluative classroom visits. A feedback and reflection form was designed for teachers to use as a tool to further enhance their experience during the process. Each class that participated in instructional rounds was visited by an administrator and a unit coordinator or coach. After each instructional round, the classroom visitation team and the teacher met to review strategies used in the classrooms and to develop an action plan. 

  • Faculty meetings were redesigned to include teamwork exercises to increase staff morale and promote teacher collaboration. 

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Admin Cabinet meets bi-monthly and Extended Cabinet meets Monthly to cultivate a culture around the Vision and Mission. The cabinet teams work as a cohesive group to address student outcomes, staff professional learning and the overall school improvement. 


These meetings give stakeholders an opportunity to discuss issues in one virtual or in-person forum to learn and work with each other. The O in our mission is Opportunities We believe that all school members, including those in the cabinet should be given the Opportunity to have their voice heard to improve school outcomes. 

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Extended Cabinet Agenda


A focus on continuance and meaning beyond the present moment, contextualizing today’s successes and improvements as the legacy of the future

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Instructional Focus
Curriculum Work through Advance Literacy and CRSE

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In the spring of 2022, the Data Team will review and analyze school-wide SANDI and FAST scores to identify trends, highlights and next steps. Through their analysis, the Data Team will meet with the Curriculum Committee to share their findings. This information will be used when developing our 2022-23 school-wide curriculum. Areas of need will be spotlighted in the curriculum with additional resources and materials for teachers to use.  

Based on the SANDI, the 177Q data team identified personal information, a functional skill  as an area to focus on with students. This correlates to our school’s CEP goals of students increasing upon their score by 5 on the SANDI.  

To build upon the work done during Instructional Rounds, the ILT is creating a reference document for 177Q staff that created sub-sections within Bloom’s Taxonomy. Using the DOK Wheel, the ILT is organizing the vocabulary words by level of complexity and abstraction within each of the four main levels. In doing so, the team aims to create a hierarchy where students can be guided in a scaffolded manner within the Recall, Skills, Strategic Thinking and Extended Thinking Levels. 

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In the Fall of 2021, the Instructional Leadership Team, comprised of diverse stakeholders from across our school community, developed our instructional focus statement. The team reflected on the previous school year's instructional focus as the foundation for developing the present statement, building upon previous instructional priorities and accomplishments.

Our Instructional Focus is embedded throughout school-wide practices such as curriculum development, instruction, and inquiry cycles. 

In the fall of 2021, the ILT designed an Instructional Focus survey which was shared with all staff members. Common planning teams and individual stakeholders provided their input regarding 177Q's Instructional Focus. ​


Through the school-wide curriculum and Instructional Inquiry Cycles, our Instructional Focus is aligned to the District 75 Goal of implementing high-quality, rigorous and relevant specially designed ELA instruction.

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Core Value of 177Q

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We welcomed our students in the Fall and are now in the planning process of end of the year events for our students. The 177Q graduates will be given a  fond farewell complete with a prom at Il Bacco, senior trip, Awards Night, senior social, and an in person graduation ceremony. Parents will be welcomed to share the last dance at the prom with their graduate.  The Dean at our school has been taking professional pictures of our graduates for their yearbook.

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In the spirit of continuing to improve upon the Vision and Mission of 177Q, we sought out to identify one core value that all stakeholders can speak to. Surveys went out to Staff, Parents and students in differentiated ways to identify this core value. We also wanted to hear the “why.” We believed that their choice needed data backing and reasoning. The support of the word “Welcome” is our over aching theme and Core Value for 2021-22. The stakeholders believed that Welcoming our students is the #1 word and definition that we can help students achieve this school year. This core value aligns with the Chancellor's Welcome Home initiative and Academic Priorities. We will strive by this Core Value each lesson and day this school year by supporting our students' social-emotional needs.. This Core Value is important for the growth of 177Q and the overall vision of making sure students gain the skills they need for academic and personal success. 

Parent Core Values
Core Values Survey - staff
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Professional Learning Communities

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Our Lead Teacher Hosts monthly Lab Classrooms. Lab classrooms are scheduled for two periods in order to provide staff with several opportunities to attend. For the April 2022 Faculty Meeting, the Lead Teacher will host a Mini-Lab so that all teachers and speech therapists will have the opportunity to participate. In addition to the Lab Classroom, the Lead Teacher visits Martin Van Buren and 295 sites on a monthly basis. During these visits, staff are provided with hands on curriculum training, such as having teachers use the embedded assessments in Unique to provide individualized instruction to students. 


Common Planning Time allows for teachers to prepare instruction for functional reading and math skills along with life skills preparation.  Common Planning time also allows for teachers to align the Unique curriculum to student IEP goals, review SANDI and FAST scores, and participate in inquiry work that is relevant to their students.

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Cohort meetings with teacher teams allow the vision and mission to take place in real time. Teacher teams analyze student work and data to help develop better practices that in turn promote each component of the mission. We also strive to make teachers lifelong learners in this process that also aligns to our Core Value and Mission Statements.

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Drop In Curriculum Support
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Members of the Equity Team continue to ensure intellectual; academic; social/emotional; and material support for all members of our school community. For the Spring 2022 term our work has expanded to include Students’ Self- Advocacy- with specific focus of increasing students’ understanding of their role at the IEP Meeting. Equity team members have developed and share student friendly presentations on: “How to Participate at my IEP Meeting.” The target audience for this work is with our upper high school age students.. 

    With the return of our students and families to in-person learning, the area of focus on “Access’ to technology has shifted  to providing all parents access to at least one supportive adult.  A Priority focus area is in reaching out to our families and promoting opportunities for adults to connect with each other. Subsequently, Equity team members plan and co-facilitate a parent support group.The Equity Team is committed to providing access to a nurturing learning environment for al, regardless of race; gender or disability. 

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Our equity team is a diverse set of individuals that utilize the work and vision of the DOE, D75 and 177Q to support our students and make informed decisions to the Curriculum and ILT teams. It is important that this work is continued for the betterment of the students, staff and families.

Equity Team Missiong Statement
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Student Council

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Dedicated student advisors who promote the development of advocacy skills for our student council leaders, create on-going opportunities for students' voices to be heard. .In addition to hosting and monthly events, and speaking at school-community events, student council members are actively involved in making a difference within the larger community. The Thanksgiving Food Drive Collection is a yearly service activity that has a great impact in the community. To promote and ensure a fun and nurturing environment for all students, student council members host Virtual Clubs and facilitate SEL Jeopardy monthly. Greeting and hosting luncheons for our community partners are regular events hosted by Student Council.

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177Q Student Council prides itself on advocating for all students. Members of the team are on SLT and District leadership that meets with the Superintendent. We believe that students should all have a voice and that voice should be meaningful in developing successful practices. A student centered school is the goal of the Student Council and to live by the Panther way. 

The Student Council routinely holds community events with outside agencies and parent partners. They are a part of all festive and monthly events.

A student council bulletin board  is prominently displayed. Important information about the board members, upcoming events, and elections are shared with students using this platform.

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“PBIS is Equity in Education” To ensure all students and families have access to appropriate social/emotional and behavioral supports, members of the PBIS team continue to adapt and modify materials and resources to meet the diverse needs of our students, families and staff. For the Spring 2022 term the PBIS Portal is the newest platform to meet the needs of all stakeholders. 

 The Leaders’ Center Reinforcement Center continues to increase item selection based on student and staff input.

  PBIS Virtual Clubs continues to be a Friday ritual and now includes video clips of recent school wide themes and events. 

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Our PBIS Committee and teams are truely what 177Q embodies. Social Emotional learning, Mindfulness, Professional learning and token economy are ways in which the PBIS team leads our school. All decisions are based on the Mission and Vision. The PBIS team also has a sub vision that helps students understand their objectives. PBIS teams are at every site and have routine meetings with each other and larger groups to be on the same cohesive wavelength. PBIS happens in action across all grade levels and ratios. Students are excited for weekly clubs, rewards, mindfulness and learning about their social growth

PBIS Bulletin Board
PBIS Portal
PBIS Mission
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Virtual Offices

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The 177Q Library Virtual Office provides digital resources that are aligned to 177Q’s current curriculum theme along with access to SORA. This virtual office also provides increased accessibility for our  students through an interactive and engaging, student-friendly format. 


Our parent coordinator’s virtual office provides families with one click access to upcoming meetings for our school such as for Brightside, BookClub, and PTA.  The 177Q is Newsletter is readily available in multiple languages.  

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Virtual office spaces are being used by members of the 177Q community to share information and host drop-in support hours. Our Parent Coordinator’s virtual office is accessible via the school website, allowing parents quick and easy access to information. Our Library Media visual office serves as an info hub where students and staff can access digital libraries and curricular resources.

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