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Attitudes, knowledge, behaviors and beliefs that characterize the school environment and are shared by its stakeholders.

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Daily professional learning time continues to provide 177Q staff with valuable opportunities to collaborate, share ideas, plan, and receive  training. All presentations and related materials are shared with 177Q staff through the professional learning calendar. 


Professional development topics have included the review of instructional strategies and curriculum, AAC devices, sensory integration, assessment/data, behavior support strategies, and technology. Teachers, paraprofessionals, and related service providers discuss these topics during team meetings that are built into the school day.  


Recent Professional Development Activities include:

  • AAC - Teachers, related service providers and paraprofessionals were given the task to complete an art activity while using a GoTalk to communicate with each other. Staff used the GoTalk to make requests of various art supplies to decorate a flower pot then add seeds and soil to it.  Speech therapists were available to support staff during this immersive experience.


  • A friendly Kahoot competition which reviewed topics that were presented from September to  January. This activity was both informative and engaging for staff and provided the Professional Learning Team with information about the effectiveness of their PD offerings. Kahoot questions included:  What prompt is the easiest fade?  What is 1 component of structured teaching? How often must Teachers and Related Service Providers report progress of IEP goals in SESIS?


  • Teachers created a game combining instruction and socialization for use with students. 177@MVB students made packets of materials for each homeroom and cluster team across all 177Q sites. Some examples of games created include: 

    • Letter sounds game aligned to FUNdations 

    • Dollar-up strategy game


  • The counselors and deans from 177Q are providing ongoing support through the Behavior Intervention series.  This is a series specifically for teachers with students that have FBA’s and BIP’s, which has included analyzing and uploading progress monitoring data.


Upcoming topics for professional learning include:

  • Travel Training

  • Best Practices Share Fair 

  • Continued PD in Literacy

  • Additional AAC PD

  • Inquiry Share Fair 

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In June 2022, 177Q staff voted on the implementation of regularly scheduled Professional Learning activities for the 2022-23 school year. As a result,  177Q has implemented daily professional learning activities for all staff members from 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM. The Professional Learning schedule of daily activities is as follows:


Team Meetings: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 

Professional Development: Tuesday 

Drop in Support/Office Hour: Thursday


Staff feedback and input are an integral part in the development of 177’s Professional Learning Program. To ensure that the needs of all 177Q community members are represented through the Professional Learning program, the entire staff is invited to share feedback through surveys. Additionally, a multidisciplinary planning committee has been designed through the collaborative efforts of the administration and UFT. This team, consisting of administrator, teachers, paraprofessionals, and related service providers, meets on a weekly basis to discuss school-wide needs and evaluate current programs. 


Professional Learning expectations and norms were shared with 177Q staff during the opening faculty meeting on September 6, 2022. 


Professional Development topics have included promoting Social Emotional Learning across all settings, incorporating AACs, and elevating IEP goals.  Various constituents that are part of P177 have presented these topics such as the PBIS team, speech therapists, and Special Education Coordinator.  


Weekly drop-in support sessions are offered from a variety of 177Q departments. Participation in these sessions is voluntary, but staff make regular use of these sessions. Through the drop-in support model, staff are able to ask questions and receive support on topics such as assessments, curriculum, PBIS, and technology. To reach staff across all 177Q sites, drop-in support sessions alternate between remote platforms and in-person sessions. 


Team meetings are scheduled three times a week. During this time, homeroom and cluster teams meet to plan for instruction, analyze data, review student work, and enhance their classroom environment. 177 staff have provided feedback on the structure of these planning sessions in order to make the best use of this collaborative time. 

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P177’s nine common planning teams are currently engaged in inquiry work. Each team identified an intervention that addresses a specific need of their students and are assessing the effectiveness of that intervention. Teams meet regularly to review student progress and evaluate intervention effectiveness. 


To prepare for inquiry, teacher teams discussed exploratory questions such as:  ‘What do we know about the inquiry cycle?’ and  ‘What do we want to know about the inquiry cycle?’ A presentation was shared with teachers to guide them through the progression of steps throughout the inquiry process.  


At the end of this cycle of inquiry, common planning teams will share their findings with the school community during a share fair. The share fair will be scheduled as part of 177’s daily professional learning time.


Common planning teams also use their meeting time to review student work samples and data, and to share instructional resources. Using their team’s focus, team members collaborate and share ideas for the improvement of student instructional outcomes. 

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P177 has a total of 9 Common Planning Teams that are supervised by an administrator.  Teams of teachers have been grouped based upon ratio and the ages of students. In September 2022, each common planning team identified an Instructional Focus for their team. Some team focuses include reading instruction and transition. This focus will guide the team’s work over the course of the school year and will be used to guide upcoming inquiry work. Currently, teams are reviewing and analyzing student work samples that are aligned to their team’s focus. Upcoming activities for Common Planning Teams include an inquiry cycle and a best practices share fair.

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Instructional Leadership


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ILT members designed a parent survey to obtain a deeper understanding of the Daily Living and Community needs of 177Q students. Using information from this survey, the ILT is designing resources for 177Q families to use at home. These resources will be integrated into the 177Q curriculum and will be aligned to the EFL and ULS curriculum. 


The ILT will be collaborating with the CCR Team who recently conducted a staff Vocational Experience Interest survey.  In doing so, the two teams will gain deeper insights into the most prevalent needs of 177Q students as related to their transition and daily living needs. Results will be used to establish fall classes and programs that best meet our students’ needs.

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The multidisciplinary Instructional Leadership Team consists of fifteen teachers, paraprofessionals, and therapists who serve as the ‘voice’ for their respective departments. All members of the ILT are familiar with 177’s focus statements, District 75 priorities, and the Chancellor’s Pillars. Through collaborative discussions, ILT members have shared instructional priorities for students aligned  to their areas of expertise. Team members worked together to review and discuss these priorities to identify a school-wide priority for the school year. This year’s ILT focus is student independence and self-advocacy. 


An ILT sub-committee has been established and will be working on implementing school-wide structures that are aligned to this focus. The committee’s work will focus on the meaningful facilitation of student communication, strengthening pre-vocational and job skills programs, encouraging student independence, and student’s participation in preferred leisure activities. The team’s work will also include rubric design, data analysis, and student assessments.

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P177’s Site Wide Calendar includes events for students, families, and staff at all sites.  The calendar consists of PTA meetings, Brightside meetings, student of the month assemblies, shows, and workshops.  This helps the school community to continue to be updated on school celebrations. 


Parents and families are invited to all school-wide events and celebrations. Additionally, P177 homeroom classes visit other P177 sites for special performances and events. 


All 177Q sites have their own Instagram page to keep the entire school community updated on events and happenings throughout the organization. 

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“Welcome” is the first component of  P177’s Mission statement.  All sites for P177 plans cultural, educational, and social events for students to participate in.  There are also opportunities for families to participate in these events with their child/ young adult. 

Through the utilization of a shared calendar, all sites are better able to effectively plan events while including all members of the school community.

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Parent Coordinator, Ms. Alicea collaborated with parents to make the newly designed Parent Resource Center a space that is friendly and inviting.  Parents and staff members are welcome to utilize the resource center for meetings, trainings, and workshops. Parents who attend the Students’ Monthly Assemblies are invited to meet and network with other families. 


Currently, the ILT is working with representatives from the Attainment Company to identify and purchase relevant resources and materials for parent reference. These informative materials will be made available to families through our Parent Resource Center. These materials are aligned to the ILT’s work in promoting student self-advocacy and independence within the home and community,  reflect parent voice from our ILT survey, and will also be included within our school-wide curriculum.

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Parents will have access to a space at P177 specifically geared to meet their needs.  This can include PTA meetings, IEP meetings, and as a place to network with each other and share ideas. 

With the support of 177's administration, parents have shared their voice in the environment of this space and how it will be utilized to meet their needs. 

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Worksites & Vocational Programs 

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177Q has networked throughout the community to provide our students with the opportunity to build and apply job related skills at 20 different worksites.  Students from our main site travel to the library at our 295 site to facilitate book returns. There are a total of 45 in house worksites for students to participate in across all off sites.  


In addition to the Fall 2022 worksites, recently established worksites include:


Community Worksites 

Walgreens (Queens Village & Springfield Gardens)

Al-Oerter Rec Center

Orange Theory Fitness (coming soon)

IS 295 Library

Bayside Historical Society 

Cunningham Park Farmers Market (coming soon)


In-House Worksites (Main Site)

Recycling program

Technology Assistant


Copy Center 

Supply Closet: Maintenance/Distribution 

Bookroom Maintenance 

Sweet Corner 

School Events 

Smokey’s Delivery 

Chicken Run 

Post Office 

Printing Service

Cricut Crafts (coming soon) 


In-House Worksites (177@MVB)

Copy Center 

Gift Wrapping Service 

Key Food 



In-House Worksites (177@295)

Student Leader Center 

Breakfast Distribution 


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177Q students are back to work in the community.  Community worksite programs provide students with the opportunity to expand and apply job related skills while also being provided with participatory training. 


Community-Based Worksites 

Hope Center

Parks Clothing Store

Slims Bagels

Five Guys (Glendale & Fresh Meadows)

Ramen Jin


Applebee’s (Fresh Meadows & Bay Terrace)

John’s Pizzeria

Panera Bread (Little Neck)

St. John’s Bread and Life


Ozanam Hall of Queens Nursing Home

St. John’s University

In- House Worksites (Main Site)


School IDs


Clothing Closet

Carol’s Market

Students’ Leaders’ Center

Library Program

PPE Distribution

Fun Friday Delivery Service

Cafeteria Recycling

Cafeteria Assistance

Peck Park Clean Up

Shredding Service

In- House Worksites (Martin Van Buren)

iPad cart

Squeaky Clean

Hygiene Supply Delivery

Snack/ Coffee Cart

Library & Gym Supply Maintenance

Breakfast Delivery

Cafeteria Clean Up


In- House Worksites (295)

PPE Distribution

Classroom Supply Distribution

Copy Center

Mobile Library Cart

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Carol's Corner Market
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Peer Support Systems

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Structured Teaching

The 8 teachers that are participating in structured teaching have received hands-on support and training from both D75 Coaches Nisha Murray and Cynthia Torres.  Both coaches visit 177Q each month and provide feedback and next steps after each visit.  Students are using individualized schedules to successfully  transition from activity to the next while also being prepared for what is coming next in their school day.  Teachers were also given the opportunity to spend time in each other’s classrooms to replicate best practices especially in the area of functional work tasks.  In this photo, a student is shopping from a list with real items.  This idea was implemented in this classroom after visiting Ms. Sanacore’s class.   


Lead Teacher

P177’s Lead Teacher facilitates monthly Lab Classrooms and Lunch and Learn sessions which support 177’s instructional programs. Lunch and Learn topics have included Best Practices in Literacy,  Exploring ULS, and Resource Sharing. Recent Lab Classroom topics have included using Kahoot to support reading groups and building instructional routines. As part of our Lab Classroom series, our Lead Teacher actively recruits teachers to showcase their classrooms within this collegial setting.


Essentials for Living (EFLs)

The EFLs team consists of four homeroom teachers, a coach, and two administrators. The team meets on a weekly basis to discuss and ‘unpack’ the program. Each meeting takes place in a different member’s classroom so that the team can provide feedback on that member’s physical environment and program set-up. In addition to these meetings, team members participate in EFLs intervisitations in established and new EFLs classrooms. Through these intervisitations and discussions, the members of the EFLs team are individualizing and adapting the program to meet the diverse needs of their students. 



Intervisitations are a valued practice at P177. Teachers are encouraged to participate in intervisitations as part of their professional learning experience and through observation feedback. Teachers and administrators often discuss the impact of intervisitations on their instructional practices during post-observation conferences. 


Teacher teams work together to visit each other’s classrooms and share ideas as they learn about new programs. This practice is evident in the work of our Structured Teaching Cohort and our Essentials for Living Team.



Currently, twelve special education teachers and speech therapists are receiving mentoring from their peers. Mentors and mentees are matched according to experience and similar instructional programs. Mentors provide this peer support as part of their professional period responsibility. Mentees often engage in intervisitations and professional dialogues with their mentors, learning through experience and camaraderie. 


In addition to bi-weekly meetings with their mentees, mentors participate in team meetings to share experiences, collaborate, and provide peer support.

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Structured Teaching

There are a total of 8 teachers that participating in asynchronous and in person  professional development with the District 75 Autism Coach, Ms. Nisha Murray.  Ms. Murray visits on a monthly basis to provide support to specifically in the areas of physical environment, visual schedules, and workstations.  A highly organized classroom reduces distractions of students therefore being provided with an optimal learning environment.  Visual schedules prepare students for the next activity and also to navigate the classroom.  Workstations focus on students attending to  and completing tasks independently. 


Lead Teacher

The Teacher Leader at 177Q serves as the “lead-learner” by modeling and facilitating reflection of instructional strategies.  They lead this adult learning through the Lab Classroom: a welcoming environment that increases collaboration, allows others to share their perspectives, and encourages all to create the best learner-centered environments.  The Teacher Leader amplifies the voice of the students, caregivers and colleagues at 177Q, building trusting relationships in the community.

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Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 7.50.46 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 7.45.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 8.45.31 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 7.56.10 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 7.52.37 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 7.54.27 PM.png
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School-wide Cultural Events 

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177Q deepens social awareness and understanding by highlighting the cultural richness within our school.  All students and staff are invited to participate in cultural events to share information to the school community while also showcasing their talents. Homeroom classes often visit other 177Q sites to participate in these enriching events. Recent cultural events have included:


  • Lunar New Year: In addition to student performances, the Zhong Yun dance group volunteered to be a guest performer.

  • Black History Month Share Fair & Show: All 177Q classes participated in a Share Fair where projects were aligned to the theme: “Who Was the First?” A Black History Month show concluded the month’s celebrations and learning through musical performances and student speakers.  

  • Women’s History Month Celebration & Contest: To celebrate Women’s History Month, all 177Q students are invited to participate in a “Celebrating Inspirational Women” Contest. 

  • Irish Heritage Show: Students practiced then  performed traditional songs and dances. Students from 295 visited the main site for this performance.


Spring will be a busy time for our soon to be graduates. P177 will kick off graduation season with Awards Night on May 4th and then the prom on May 18th at Il Bacco.  Students will receive their yearbooks June 2nd at the Senior Social an exact week before they cross the stage at Graduation on June 9th.  

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Cultural events represent the diverse student body of our school. The school community comes together to celebrate and learn about the different backgrounds that comprise the 177Q community. Event highlights are shared through slideshows, videos, and social media platforms. 


The following cultural events have occurred to date:

  • Hispanic Heritage 

  • Italian Heritage 

  • Diwali Celebration 


Upcoming cultural events include but are not limited to: 

  • Multicultural Day (Spring 2023)

  • Lunar New Year (February 2023)

  • Irish Heritage (March 2023)

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Screen Shot 2022-11-12 at 11.30.23 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-12 at 10.28.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-25 at 9.04.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-12 at 10.12.16 PM.png
Diwali Program.jpg
Screen Shot 2023-03-25 at 9.06.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-25 at 9.08.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-25 at 9.10.06 PM.png
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Instrutional Program

Instructional Program

Design and delivery of high quality curriculum that produces clear evidence of learning

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177Q School-wide Curriculum


Instructional Resources


Screen Shot 2023-03-08 at 9.43.00 PM.png

P177’s Curriculum is a growing and living document that adapts to meet the needs of our diverse student body. Members of the curriculum committee host bi-monthly “Curriculum Drop-In” sessions where staff can ask questions about curricular materials, instruction, or upcoming units. 


The Curriculum Committee meets during their professional period to review programs and identify next steps. Currently, the committee is planning curricula for the Summer and Fall 2023 programs. Program updates include the following:


  • To meet the needs of our K-8 learners, the curriculum committee is reviewing K-8 curricular materials and identifying programs that will support 177Q’s elementary and middle school students.

  • New books and resources are being reviewed and identified for the core content and life skills sessions of the curriculum.

  • Community, work and life skills will be highlighted in a new “Essential Skills” section for the Fall 2023. Using input from students, staff and families, new resources and programs will be added to support student learning in their communities and workplace. 

  • The Summer 2023 theme of “Summer Splash” is aligned to the ULS summer unit. The curriculum committee will provide teachers with resources and materials to support learning within this unit, including leveled books and community connections. 

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Instructional Programs

P177Q’s curriculum and instructional programs are continuously expanding, adapting and improving to meet the evolving needs of our students. New initiatives and program updates for the 2022-23 school year  include the following:


  • New cluster offerings for main site students include Employability, Home Economics, and Self-Advocacy.

  • Expansion of arts cluster classes at 177@295. A new music teacher was hired in August 2022 to support this initiative. Arts offerings at 295 currently include music and visual arts for all students.

  • Our hiring committee supported the expansion of our cluster program initiatives through the hiring of licensed art, APE and Health teachers, as well as a new self-advocacy teacher.

  • In alignment with the DOE’s Early Literacy Initiative,  teachers at 295 are using FUNdations and SMILE to build phonemic awareness.  Reading and writing are also being incorporated through a structured and multi- sensory approach.  A total of 3 classroom teachers, 1 ENL teacher, 1 Speech Therapist, and a paraprofessional have received formal training in FUNdations offered by the NYCDOE.  

  • As part of the structured teaching program at 177Q, teachers are participating in asynchronous and in person professional development with the District 75 Autism coach. By doing so, this small cohort of 6:1:1 teachers are designing highly organized classrooms with clearly defined areas, visual/object/ word schedules for students to promote independence in transitions, and workstations for students to demonstrate independent task completion. 

  • The Essentials for Living (EFLs) is a new program at 177. A team of four homeroom teachers, 177’s coach, and two APs participated in District 75 EFLs training. This team, along with a teacher who has extensive EFLs experience and transferred to 177 in the fall, is currently designing an implementation program that will be shared with six other classrooms. 177’s goal is to have ten EFLS classes by June 2023, with the plan of expanding the program to classes in the Structured Teaching program during the 2023-24 school year. 

  • All 177Q homeroom teachers have access to the Unique Curriculum and various Attainment programs. 


177Q’s Instructional Leadership Team and Curriculum Committee will support the development of these programs through the review and identification of curriculum and instructional resources. 


Curriculum Committee 

The 177Q curriculum is a collaborative and dynamic document that has been designed by the Curriculum Committee with input from the ILT and other stakeholders. It is a thematic, learner-centered, and inclusive curriculum that incorporates varied levels of access and participation through the integration of higher level thinking through problem-solving, exploration, and varied resources.

The curriculum committee is composed of teachers from a variety of homeroom ratios and grade bands, cluster teachers, and from various 177Q sites. The committee works closely with the administration and ILT in addition to seeking feedback from 177Q students.

The Curriculum Team creates thematic guides that include relevant topics that are meaningful to students and staff. Materials and activities connect to grade-level targets in the Essential Elements and set a standard for rigorous instruction. Tasks are scaffolded to assist teachers with having their students learn at appropriate levels. The curriculum guides help keep learning continuous and cohesive throughout the entire 177Q community. As a result, there is more carry-over of skills from one class to the next. 

The team regularly reviews curricular programs, conducts school-wide needs assessments and feedback surveys, participates in professional development, and facilitates professional learning. The 177Q curriculum highlights our 2022-23 ILF Instructional Priority of "Strengthen Core Instruction" as well as our school-wide Instructional Focus. Various levels of access to engage all learners have been incorporated throughout the curricular themes, including inclusive resources and texts, essential questions, community and ADL connections, and bi-monthly themes.

Drop-In curriculum Q&A Sessions have been used to provide staff with small group and individualized support. These sessions are regularly scheduled during our 177’s morning Professional Learning time so that all members of the 177Q faculty may attend. Staff have the opportunity to participate in person as well as virtually, and curriculum committee members have facilitated these sessions in-person at all sites. 

​The school’s vision as it pertains to curriculum is “curriculum is written by the teachers, for the teachers.” Cluster teachers collaborate with homeroom teachers to create thematic projects and assist with Culminating Activities.

At P177@295, classes follow the curriculum of the main site.  Evidence of understanding looks differently for our younger population.  Teachers incorporate pictures with words, hands on activities, and student specific prompts to differentiate learning styles. The Fundations and S.M.I.L.E. programs are used at this site as well. 


At P177@495 (MVB), classes are participating in the 177Q curriculum with an emphasis on the ADL and transition sections. Instruction at our MVB  site focuses on student participation in worksites, promoting independence of young adults, life skills, and embedding academic instruction where applicable. A curriculum committee member is on-site to provide support to staff as needed. 

Surveys are used throughout the school year to gather experiential and reflective feedback from various stakeholders, including teachers, paraprofessionals, and students. Additionally parent feedback about the curriculum has been sought during monthly Bright Side parent meetings. Information gathered from surveys are utilized in the growth and development of our instructional programs. 

As a result of feedback gathered from the 177Q community as well as a review of school-wide priorities, the following updates were made to the curriculum for the summer and fall of 2022:

  • New instructional programs and resources have been embedded into our curriculum while previous resource selections have been expanded. New programs for the 2022-23 school year include Essentials for Living, Equals and Math. 

  • Increased selection of adapted texts and high interest reading materials are shared through the SORA digital library and the curriculum guide's book list. 

  • Expansion of Activities of Daily Living Skills activities for each academic area and theme.

  • Content areas are relevant and meaningful for students by including the following:

    • ELA: Non-fiction themed text suggestions and culturally responsive texts from the New York State suggested text list

    • Math: 'Community Connections' to provide functional, real-world applications.

    • Science: Sustainability themes to focus on environmental issues over the course of the school year

    • Social Studies: Multi-cultural connections to provide diverse and inclusive content.

In the winter of 2022-23, members of the Curriculum Committee will be meeting with members of the student council to discuss the students' experiences with the school-wide curriculum. Student feedback will be used in the development of future Curriculum Guides and Culminating Activities. 

Each bi-monthly unit concludes with an end-of-unit school-wide culminating activity across all sites and programs. Families are encouraged to participate in these activities. Social Media platforms and video presentations are also used to showcase and commemorate these events.

Special Events and Presentations 

Our Curriculum and Events Committees partner together to design and implement special activities throughout the school year. The committees receive input and ideas from other members of our school community when preparing for special events. These events and programs incorporate instructional content, social-emotional skills, and the opportunity for students to engage with each other, learn, share their talents, and have fun. Recent activities have included: 


  • Summer Showcase

  • Hispanic Heritage Day 

  • Italian Heritage Day

  • Fire Safety Day 

  • Diwali Celebration 


At the conclusion of every curricular theme, students participate in a culminating activity. Past activities have included Gallery Walks, Share Fairs, and student performances. The Culminating Activity for the October-November 2022 Thematic Unit of “Change” took place on November 30th. Classes watched the movie “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” the highlighted story from our Curriculum Guide, in the auditorium.  Students were selected to work at the event and take on jobs such as promoters, ushers, concession stand clerks, and ticket salespeople.


Summer Curriculum Guide

To plan for the Summer Curriculum Guide, a survey was utilized to identify the summer theme. This summer’s theme was “How To.” Through interest surveys and hands-on exploration, classes identified a How-To project that they would work on over the summer program. Class projects were shared in August 2022 during a school-wide share fair. Families were invited to participate.

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Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 10.59.18 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 11.01.33 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 11.06.48 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 11.08.48 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 11.14.17 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 11.15.55 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 11.18.45 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 11.24.21 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 8.39.55 PM.png
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Instructional Leadership & Curriculum Teams 

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Curriculum Showcases & Culminating Activities

The curriculum committee provides Drop-In PD and support to teachers throughout the school year. All new curriculum units are introduced through a drop-in support session that is open to all staff. The end of each bi-monthly instructional unit is celebrated with a culminating activity or share fair that is aligned to the theme. These events are a time for students to showcase their work and synthesize their learning in a celebratory and engaging way. Culminating events have included:

  • Change: Movie Day

  • Generosity: Kindness Challenge

  • Diversity: Inspirational Women

  • Growth: Science Fair (spring 2023)


New Instructional Programs

The Curriculum committee and ILT review curricula and instructional programs throughout the school year. Team members meet with administration and vendors to identify programs that will impact our students. Currently, the team is exploring new secondary and transition resources from The Attainment Company and Core Curriculum options for our elementary and middle school students. 


ILT - Home School & Community Survey 

To promote students independence and outcomes across all settings, the ILT designed a home, school, and community survey. Using information from this survey and in collaboration with the CCR team, resources will be designed for home and school use. 


Activity Boards 

The ILT designs thematic activity boards for school and home use. These board are aligned to the curriculum, holidays, and special events. All materials and resources are presented in digital format and include book, videos, activities, and games

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The Curriculum Committee and Instructional Leadership Team are composed of various stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and all 177Q sites. These teams meet on a regular basis to review 177’s instructional programs, collaborate, and identify best practices. Team members support the 177Q community through professional learning. Additionally, the ILT is currently working on strategies for promoting student independence and self-advocacy throughout our school and community. The team will focus on independence and self-advocacy across many aspects of our students’ lives such as instruction, communication and leisure activities.

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for Living


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 A team of teachers and administrators attended the District 75 Essential for Living training. This team meets weekly to collaborate and discuss how they are incorporating and adapting the program into their classrooms. This team receives monthly in-person support from District 75 coaches. The coaching visits have focused on the implementation of rotation schedules and data collection.

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177Q is in the early phase of implementing the Essential For Living curriculum. This program was recently purchased by 177Q for use in selected 6:1:1 classes. Through active recruitment, 177Q hired a teacher transfer from P721K who has over eight years of EFLs experience. This teacher has hosted several intervisitations and team discussions for 177Q administration and teachers.


The D75 Essentials for Living two-day training was attended by members of 177’s administrative team, teachers from our main and MVB sites, and our school’s coach. District 75 team members Mark Corallo, Jessica Kessler Rizzo, and Nisha Murray will support 177Q in the implementation of this new curricular program.


Currently 177’s  EFLS team is designing a strategic implementation schedule for the program. Time has been allocated for team planning during Professional Learning time and during our Election Day PD.The team has identified breakfast and ADL routines as the starting point for the program. Future timeline goals for the team include the addition of five more EFLS classes in the spring of 2023 and the addition of 10 new EFLS classes for the 2023-24 school year.

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District 75

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