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Welcome to the PBIS/Mindfulness Page!

On this page you'll find links to Behavior Forms, PBIS Links and information about upcoming workshops.

Our PBIS Expected Behaviors

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P177Q PBIS Portal
All of the content within our PBIS program was generated by our talented staff and is accessible to promote positive behavior.  With the assistance of other teachers we have created the PBIS portal which enables staff to retrieve online point sheets and access instructional  resources related to PBIS/ behavior management. Behavior charts, pacing calendar and the Mindfulness Map are all accessible within the PBIS Portal.  Our staff is also able to request earned rewards from the Leaders’ Center using online request forms.

 Select the picture of each strip to open the link.

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Virtual Behavior Support Request Form

Supporting student behavior during remote learning. We are also here to support our parents!!

Your email will be recorded when you submit this form.

Panther Points 
Students earn Panther Points for exhibiting the 5 School Wide Expected Behaviors.

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Mindfulness is awareness cultivated through meditation and other mind-body practices to regulate and shape our attention and emotions. 

Our Goal is to promote Self-care, Positive Mental Health, and Wellness.  Please use the Student Choice Board to practice MINDFULNESS

Thank you - Mindfulness Team

Every Friday from 1PM-2PM, the PBIS Team has put together a variety of online LIVE clubs for our students to participate in.  Fitness, Movies, Music, Live DJ, Karaoke, Jeopardy and Dance Club are available to our students every Friday. 

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SEL Symposium

P177Q was recently featured in the 5th annual Urban Assembly Social-Emotional Learning Symposium.  The annual Urban Assembly Social-Emotional Learning Symposium brings important and diverse perspectives around social-emotional learning and development in K-12 education. This year's theme is "Not a Moment, But a Movement: All Learning is Social and Emotional" and focuses on building on and sustaining successes in the SEL space. .

Mindfulness with Ms. Bawa

Enjoy a Mindfulness Moment with Ms Sonia Bawa.

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Positive Behavior Intervention Supports

Rethink Parent pacing Calendar
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PBIS Virtual Leader Center

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In-School Behavior Anecdotal Form

Anecdotal notes are concise, objective narratives about student incidents. This form should be used across all sites and is used to inform the Dean staff/Unit Coordinators of behavior occurrences.

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