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Mission and Vision
W.E. D.O. C.A.R.E
Welcome.  Equity.   Diversity. Opportunities.  Communication. Advocacy.  Respect.  Empower.

P177Q Vision Statement
We envision a school in which all students, regardless of their diverse backgrounds are able to demonstrate self-advocacy skills and become productive members of society.

P177Q Front Entrance.jpeg

P177Q is a self-contained special education school that is part of District 75. We educate students with autism, emotional, and behavioral challenges, Intellectual Disability and Multiple Disability.

P177Q is composed of 68 classes with over 500 students with ages ranging from 5-21 years of age.  Our class ratios include 12:1:4, 6:1:1, 8:1:1 and 12:1:1.  Our organization includes an  elementary site at PS/IS 295Q, a High School site at HS 435Q and two inclusion sites; Russell Sage I.S. 190Q and P.S. 139Q elementary school.

Our classes are self-contained, but also receive classes of Art, Music, Theater, APE(gym), Computers/iPads, Home Economics and Employability.   Our programs include Structured Teaching, Horticulture, Vocational, and Worksite classes.

Vocational experiences begin at the elementary age where our students participate in worksites within our school.  Eligible students, sixteen and older, will participate in community worksites.  Programs such as culinary, school store, clerical and horticulture also prepare our students for future independence.  Our transition coordinator supports our students and their parents/guardians in navigating OPWDD services, guardianship and programs offered for students aging at the age of 21.

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